Claim settlement

An essential part of any insurance broker’s work – when properly executed – is claim settlement and the consequent analysis of the causes of damage. Insured events for clients of SATUM CZECH are handled by specialists for individual types of insurance. All these specialists together comprise the Unified Claim Settlement Centre, which allows us to maintain a unified methodology and ensures high standards of working practices.

SATUM CZECH does its best to ensure that the client is quickly compensated for the damage incurred, at the right amount, and without any excessive administrative burden on the client’s employees. Therefore, SATUM CZECH pays special attention in particular to these key areas:

Initial steps after the occurrence of the insured event

We ensure that follow-up steps taken by the insured do not conflict with the insurance conditions and do not endanger any claim for damage. We will explain to the client which insurance policy covers the given insurance risk, we will report the insured event to the insurer, arrange the inspection by the insurer’s employee or forensic expert, and advise how damage can be minimized.

Communication with loss adjusters during the claim settlement

We collect and pass on to the insurer all documents necessary to assess the insured event and to make the insurance payment decision. We oversee the timely and correct settlement of the insured event.

Assessment of the insurer’s claim settlement report

We will assess whether the insurer’s insurance payment decision is in accordance with the generally binding legal regulations, the insurance policy, and the insurance conditions.


If the insurer’s decision is incorrect, we will conduct further communication with the insurer in order to achieve rectification. For this purpose, we will also have a personal meeting with the relevant staff of the insurer.

Naturally, there is a 24/7 helpline in the event of the occurrence of damage: +420 605 207 260.

We appreciate our clients and their satisfaction is crucial to us